Changing the world with Twitter

How do international organisations use the social network Twitter? Some of them reach a considerable audience, but they are far away from top a new study finds

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When Barack Obama joined Twitter, the social network was just about three years old. At this point of time Twitter’s audience was kind of small. Six years later it has about 200 Million Users. Thus it is not surprising that international organisations such as UNICEF or WWF try to use its popularity for themselves. How successful were these international organisations? A new study tries to give an answer to that question.

The above-mentioned UNICEF reaches the biggest audience. With about 2 Million Followers, the U.N. Children’s Fund is more successful in reaching people via Twitter than the U.N. itself ( @UN, 1.98 Mio.) and the World Economic Forum (@davos, 1.95 Mio.). UNICEF is also the second most retweeted organisation. The most retweeted one is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) but in average, every tweet of those two organisations is retweeted 100 times.

Chairpeople of international organisations use Twitter increasingly. The most followed secretary-general is Nabil Elaraby (Arab League), the second and third one is Christine Lagarde (I.M.F.) and Anders Fogh Rasmussen (N.A.T.O.).

Undoubtedly, Twitter is an important tool to spread their contents and an important marketing instrument for international organisations. But compared to the above-mentioned Barack Obama, they have a small audience. The President of the United States reaches about 40 Million people with his account. The relevance of international organisations in social networking sites, just like Twitter, is still relatively small.

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