Note: UK General Election 2015

  • Landslide victory for Conservative Party
  • Labour leader Ed Miliband steps down
  • Labour marginalised in Scotland as SNP wins
  • Liberal Democrats lose 45 seats, Nick Clegg resigns
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage loses seat in South Thanet and resigns

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Election Results

Conservative 331 • Labour 232 • Scottish National 56 • Liberal Democrats 8

326 seats needed for majority

As a result of the landslide victory of incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party, Mr. Cameron will stay in office. The Tories received enough seats in the House of Commons for an outright majority. In his victory speech,  Mr. Cameron promised a referendum about the British EU membership as well as more independence for Scotland. The scepticism of the Britons concerning the European Union is not new but might result in a political catastrophe for Bruxelles.

The traditional Labour stronghold of Scotland voted by a clear majority for the Scottish National Party. As a result of the disappointing election results, Ed Miliband stepped down as leader of the Labour Party. He had claimed responsibility for the devastating result via Twitter. However, the results of the election will force Labour to rethink its political role, its political positions and personal decisions. The question is whether the party will turn to the centre or to the left as analysts see the reason for the massive losses in the attempt to win the election from the left rather than from the centre-left.

The Conservative’s former coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats, got crushed at the ballot. Nick Clegg’s party lost 45 seats. As a result, the former deputy Prime Minister resigns over the „cruel and punishing night“.
As a result of the failure to win the seat in South Thanet, Nigel Farage resigned as UKIP leader as he had declared before the election.



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